Julie LaFond - My life is a love affair with music...


Coaching Options:

Vocal Coaching -

From beginners to seasoned professionals, I work with all ages & skill levels. Whether you want to learn the basics, expand your abilities, overcome stage fright or just prepare for a performance, we can work on all aspects from vocals to stage presence.

Interview Coaching -

Whether you have a big job interview to prepare for,
a pageant coming up or you just want to work on your interview and overall speaking skills, this is the coaching for you.  I will help you to become confident enough to handle anything thrown at you! This coaching is about feeling confident in any speaking situation.

Achievement Coaching -

Do you have difficulty asserting yourself?  Are you easily intimidated by your work environment, bosses or in dealing with strangers?  Do you find that you stumble over your words when asked to lead a group or express your thoughts?  Do you lock down in fear when asked to give your opinion?  Do you have difficulty saying NO to people? Do you take it personally when someone tells you NO?  Do you want to set goals, but feel overwhelmed when trying? Do you feel defeated when you fall short of a goal? Do you wish that you could see your positive attributes, as others do?

Do you want to change this???

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you could definitely benefit from Achievement coaching. This type of coaching is all about setting goals & being comfortable expressing yourself in any and all situations.  This concept is very commonly found in pageant & life coaching and is all about building a well rounded person. 

Stop letting your insecurities determine your path and take control of your life!  You can have anything you want, if you are willing to do the work & take the risk!  This coaching will help you to do that and to do it with confidence!!

Pageant Coaching-

Whether new to the pageant world or a regular competitor, I will help you grow and be prepared to compete and win in any category.  I work will all ages and help in every aspect of competition, which includes walking, stages presence, on stage question, interview, talent, wardrobe selection, platform selection and much more.  I work with all ages and skill levels.  I have proven success in helping to produce winners; especially in the Miss American system.  There are a tremendous amount of scholarship opportunities in pageants, so this is a great platform to help young women become well rounded and successful throughout life.


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